When models pick up cameras- pretty things happen! 

We invited blueriverdream,  one of our Local Legends models out Monday evening to take part in the Summer of 69 workshop we hosted with @Verronicaisdivine as photographer! 

I know that BRD doesn’t have much time to shoot, what with all the awesomepants modeling she does, but here at Atomic Canary- we believe highly in fostering people’s artistic growth, so we offered her a workshop spot to get some camera time in! Last minute- she was available to attend, and we all had a great time at Lost City Diner after the workshop! 

You’ll probably be seeing us blog a LOT of images from this workshop! 

Thank you so much for the opportunity @atomiccanary! I had a blast and enjoyed meeting both the girls ( Floofie and Verronica ) as well as the other workshop attendees. It’s always a joy to work with other creatives :)


Signed Prints for sale. Consider supporting my art by purchasing a signed print

Actual image sizes are 8x12” (top) and 8x10” (bottom)  on 11x14” Ilford Digital Silver Black and White RC Photo Paper. 

Signed by both the photographer and model.

Each print is $50.00+P&H

Thanks Mike

These two prints are for sale from my recent shoot with mcaryartnude They are lovely prints from a ramble through very dreamily misty weather. We enjoyed the hike and the opportunity to create these photographs. 

By supporting the photographers and other artisits that work with me by purchasing their art, you enable me to continue working as a model. If I am able to continue working as an art model, I can spread happiness throughout the land; one naked adventure at a time, sharing it all with you. 

I had an awesome time in Richmond with Nemo and the other guys at the RVANPgroup


Model: blueriverdream

I had a blast working with her.